Saturday, March 31, 2012

Case Study 112: "The Key Lime Crunch"

Hold up now. Whoever said that March comes in like "lion" and goes out like a "lamb" was surely mistaken.  The golden sunsets I've been watching from high atop my Wall Street office tower every evening have quickly become a memory, as the temperatures plummeted to thirty, and the daffodils are shivering in their stems on this dark and damp day. 

If I haven't made this clear already, I am extremely excited for warm weather. Excited in a way that I've started hiding all of my wool socks and tights and building up my summer skin. Excited in a way that my mind is clouded with daydreams ten o'clock-in-the-morning piña coladas on vacation and my radio is filled with the the likes of UB40 and Inner Circle on irrationally repetitive levels. This dreary weather feels like someone threw has thrown a wrench in the axle of my one-way party bus towards the fairest of solstice, and I do not like one bit at all.

In an effort to remedy this, I decided to take action. And so this evening, tucked in a warm Philadelphia apartment, we'll watch the raddest of 80s and 90s beach movies, and indulge in a Jamaican jerk feast, rum punch and these vanilla cupcakes in a macadamia - graham cracker crust topped with Key Lime buttercream and sugared lime shavings. 
Because I am a firm believer that if summer cannot come to me now, I then, must create summer for myself, even if it means dancing to reggae-versions of "Baby, I Love Your Way" in wool socks. 

Summer, I am coming for you!

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