Thursday, March 8, 2012

Case Study 110: "The Banana Cream Pie"

I come to you on the eighth night of the third month of the two thousand and twelfth year anno domini, exhausted after far too many hard and long work nights, existing only on trail mix,  fluorescent lighting, occasional champagne overloads and filled-up-with-love weekends, standing in a kitchen with bare feet and one spilled glass of Cabernet Sauvignon that hit the floor before my lips, to say that my life right now is utterly bananas.

And so, all I've got for you, to hold you over until God knows when, are these scrumptious little banana cream pie cupcakes.  Because when the going gets tough, you batten down the hatches, top a Nilla wafer crust with banana cake, fill it with vanilla pudding and top it with vanilla buttercream, more wafers and banana slices, and keep moving onward to Friday  

Here's hoping you've all made it along too.