Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Case Study 12: "The Heartattack"

Sometimes in life when you put two seemingly different things together, you have the perfect combination. When this happens in food, however, the sensory experience is heightened by the fact that not only do your tastebuds feel like Columbus discovering something unexpected, but it triggers your mind to realize you are experiencing something that is a little wrong, thus making it sinfully good. In this case, by perfect combination I mean the unholy goodness that is "salty and sweet." I like to call this "trashy good."

Dark chocolate and bacon in a cupcake is no different, in fact, it's almost old news in the cupcake world.... But it's just so trashy good.

The Heartattack is a 75% chocolate cupcake made with bacon drippings and minced Applewood smoked bacon. It's topped with a light chocolate ganache, rolled fondant, and a good old honey candied piece of pig.

Best made in mini form. Nothing kills a party like having to administer CPR.