Friday, October 17, 2008

Case Study 1: "The Cheeky Signore"

"The Cheeky Signore" is a conundrum, hiding notes of espresso within a moist chocolate cake. The caramel filling offsets the cocoa base, and the caramel buttercream topped with a Fleur de Sel sprinkle is sweet... but not too sweet.

"My notion of heaven was always, Marcello Mastroianni was God. You know, he'd be sitting there smoking Gitanes or something and he's got Giotto at the table ... and he says 'Eh!' ... and he has that face -late Marcello it has to be - you know, where everything is forgiven... And I've always had that vision of him sitting there ... you know ... he's there ... and Ben Webster's playing. Charlie Parker's in the next room trying to find his car keys. All is forgiven .... "- Pete Hammill

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