Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Case Study 80: "The Schott Trio"

When I think of the ultimate bad ass rebels without a cause, I inevitably think of men of yore: Dean, Springsteen, Brando, The Ramones... the list goes on. 

Schott NYC, the fantastic American leather jacket company, has dressed them all, and I had the honor of collaborating with them to create concept cupcakes.   But take heed, these confections are not your typical sweet delights.  

They're for the salty sailors and the motorcycle boys.  They're a bit offbeat, tough, and like Schott itself, they represent "the heritage of America and the rebel inside everyone."

"The Drunken Sailor" is a Valrhona chocolate cupcake topped with whiskey vanilla bourbon buttercream and cacao shavings.  It's offbeat, liquored up and inspired by Schott's Classic Melton Wool Naval Pea Coat. 

"The Top Gun" is a pistachio cupcake topped with a light caramel buttercream and a homemade pistachio chocolate crunch.  Dressed in its best fatigues with an aviator spirit, it's inspired to take flight and live dangerously by Schott's G-1 Top Gun Leather Bomber.

And then, there's "The Perfecto," and it doesn't get any better than this: an Oreo cupcake topped with a chrome-detailed vanilla buttercream and sugar studs.  Marlon Brando personified motorcycle cool by donning a black leather Perfecto in 1953 in The Wild OneShoulder stars, metal snaps, silver finish on the exact fit, the jacket has been produced flawlessly for over fifty years.

Schott's done it right for nearly a century, making classic jackets that are iconic pieces of American history and heritage.  Did you know that they were the ones who first put zippers on jackets?  Bad ass and innovative all at once!  When asked what he was rebelling against in The Wild One, Brando's Johnny replies: "Whaddya got?"   Some people don leather, salute anarchy or sail the winds by sea.  But in the end, attitude, pride and spirit are a state of mind, so don't forget to wear them well.

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