Friday, February 17, 2012

Case Study 109: "The Mardi Party Cake"

I was about three days into an all chocolate, coffee and cheese diet this week, tired from long nights at the office and missed dates with the gym, when I realized that all hope of health was not lost.  In fact, it was quite the opposite, as I counted backwards from Easter (just kidding, I consulted Google) and landed on the realization that the end of all my dirty vices is nigh: next Tuesday is Mardi Gras

Now one could ask just how in the devil I, lover of all the good dirty vices, could lose such sight of time? Well, this week has gotten away from me, and to be honest, so had the last.  Afterall, the past few weekends have so divinely made up for quiet weekdays of putting my head down and getting stuff done.     

Next Tuesday, not only will I get to commemorate the pending month and a half of penance and almsgiving...but I also get to toast the upcoming twenty-ninth year of one tall, brilliant and very handsome man in my life.  Now, I could party my way out of a paper bag. I could raise a glass at a rain cloud or  light a sparkler on any ordinary Thursday.  But give me two actual and marvelous reasons to celebrate a day, and I'm going all in. 

"The Mardi Party Cake" is a vanilla oreo cupcake topped with cookies and cream buttercream and gummi bears.  When planning my recipe attack, I chose to stick to my cardinal rule of Fat Tuesday baking, which is to make it trashy.  Side note: to somebody who grew up thinking sugar cereal was junk food, there is nothing more trashy than a big fat double stuffed Oreo and some Red Dye #5.  

It's been a good year of decadence, by cookie nights and fleur del sel caramel dreams, but I'm looking forward to finding much solace in my time away from these vices.  And even more so, I am excited to be part of someone special's next trip around the sun.  So go forth my friends, whether in Lenten sacrifice or purple beads, and enjoy your Mardi Gras in the fattest way possible.  If nothing else, it's the perfect excuse to celebrate.   

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