Monday, January 3, 2011

Case Study 78: "The Hummingbird Cake"

Twenty-ten was a year of changes.  It started off with setting goals, and ended with reaching them.  It took me to run and play in England, and enjoy a summer of sun in New England.  It had me making choices, working hard and trying my best to be patient. I said goodbye to some people, places and a few immediate dreams in exchange for ones that were more realistic and healthy for the time being.  I had moments of creativity that scared me. 

At the end of the summer, I let go.

In the fall of twenty-ten, I made a big move and tried something new.  When that didn't feel right, I made a decision that was scary, but I knew I'd be fine.  Maybe I'd be better.  I buzzed around a new city, made new friends, spent precious time with my family and got the break that I finally needed after three years of working. 

In the winter, things fell into place. 

They say that the origins of "The Hummingbird Cake" are unknown.  It appears to be a mostly Southern thing, and the recipes were a good way to use the bits and pieces, the not-so-necessarily-perfect-together things that you already have to make something sweeter.  And in a way, isn't every good year a bit like that?  The components might not make much sense in their hours, days and months, but in the end, things fall into a place. 

I have high hopes for twenty-eleven.  I'm excited to see what a year of growth can foster in a year where things seem to be set up where they belong.  It's been a long time getting to where I've been going, but it feels like this is right where I'm supposed to be. 

PS: As a new career begins, cupcakes will likely be scarce around here.  Follow my other inspiration and adventures over on The Cupcaketologist Tumblr.

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