Friday, December 3, 2010

Case Study 77: "The Salty Fig"

I'm sorry, I'm sorry and I'm sorry.
I just couldn't help myself.

Two things:

A) If you invite me to a party, a lunch, a dinner, or a brunch, I will bring cupcakes.  Whether it be an appetizer or a side, regardless of what you ask me to bring (I'll likely bring that too), that dish, but in cupcake form, is what you will get. 

B) These cupcakes are dirty. Naughty even. Shield your eyes.  Close your mouth.  No wait, maybe open it.  I took my favorite cupcake recipe and changed one thing: I candied an Italian meat.  And not just any meat.   
That meat.  

Fluffy honey cupcakes topped with a creamy goat cheese buttercream, a fresh California fig and a slice of candied prosciutto.

So now that we've got that out there....forgive me?

1 comment:

Reeeeebecca! said...

Good GOD. Those sound amazing!