Monday, May 25, 2009

Case Study 20: "The Redheaded Sicilian"

When I lived in Italy, I made it a goal to find Sicily at least once, and understand where my family came from, what they saw, who they were. I didn't want to leave. Traveling down the east coast, I noticed a sad eroding beauty. Towns that were a reminder of a place worlds apart from the mainland, a sort of port stop for the various exploring cultures of the Mediterranean.

"The Redheaded Sicilian" is a rich chocolate cupcake with a cannoli cream filling and Kahlua buttercream frosting. It's musky in its roots, creamy in the center, and finished with a good liqueur kick.

My great-grandfather was a redheaded Sicilian, a spitfire descendant of those Norman and Longobard adventurers that settled on the island hundreds of years ago. I think my cousins and I have a bit of him still in us. The fair southern Italian skin, the love of good sweets, and that inevitable reckless wanderlust... to travel the world and see where we land.

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