Friday, May 4, 2012

Case Study 114: "The Margarita Cupcake"

There are few things in this world I know are true. Of them, I am certain that love is divine, knowledge is a god and I will never ever turn down a margarita, whether it's Cinco de Mayo, or any other day. This, this, is the wisdom that twenty-seven years of life has given me. 

Give it to me on a hot night at a corner bar, with chili pepper fairylights strung around the bar and a light breeze passing through the cross streets. Serve it spicy, infused with habanero chiles, mixed quick with grapefruit juice. And pour me a pitcher straight, over ice cold rocks with a squeeze of fresh lime, and hold that damn salt.

Here's hoping your fifth of May is equally divine: full of tacos, amigos and lime cupcakes topped with tequila-lime buttercream and one helluva sprinkle fiesta.

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