Monday, September 5, 2011

Case Study 94: "The Ultimate Maple Bacon Peach Donut Cupcake"

 This is the cupcake.

This is the cupcake that was inspired by a lazy New York City brunch of pancakes, summer fruits, bacon and love.  Bacon, in my book of course, is love, in case you didn't know.

This is the cupcake that you bring to your lov-ah on a cozy Sunday morning. The cupcake that you creep out of bed and brew coffee for.  The cupcake that you bring back to their bedside table, or if you play your cards right, it is your bedside table that you spy it on when you blink those bedroom eyes open.

  This is a Jersey peach cupcake topped with maple vanilla bean buttercream and a maple-glazed donut sprinkled with Applegate Farm bacon. 

  The second part of an ultimate breakfast cupcake series.  It is sweet and salty and creamy and crunchy.   It is oh-so-heavenly and completely sinful all at once. Which is how all the best things in life are, am I right?

This is the cupcake to take you into fall with a kick of June and the smokiness of October.  The cupcake to celebrate a summer of trips and parties, late nights, bare feet and all sand everywhere.  To toast the lovely little romances that took you on bikes and boats, from starry bays to warm summer rain.  The cupcake to slowly ease the pain of socks and sweaters, turning rum to whiskey and fireflies to fireside as you drink up the last golden light of the Indian Summer to come.

This is the cupcake.  Just trust me on this one.

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verabear said...

mhhmhmhmhmmm. Where's the recipe? :)