Monday, April 11, 2011

Notes from the Field: A Return, of sorts...

Just a little hello! and how are you? as the cupcake hiatus is going along swimmingly. Spring has arrived in New York City, and there has been more time than ever to re-focus, then focus again and really settle in.  Here are a few shots from when I waded back into the baking pool this past sunny weekend.  

Plain old fashioned double vanilla bean cupcakes.
Seems I kept my floaties on when it came to creativity this round.  But you know, I'm quite alright with that. Sometimes it's the simplest route that just keeps you afloat.

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Sue watson said...

Lovely to have you back... I too have been enjoying Spring (and some rain!)in NYC... I'm back home in Britain now and will relive my short but wonderful holiday through your cupcakes.