Monday, October 25, 2010

Case Study 75: "The Salted Caramel"

 "Imperfection is beauty, 
madness is genius
and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous
than absolutely boring." 
-Marilyn Monroe

"The Salted Caramel" is a double vanilla cupcake topped with a salted caramel frosting and a sweet chocolate caramel crunchie disk on top.


In Italy, they have a saying "brutti ma buoni."  Ugly but good.  Sometimes the best things in life aren't the most obvious, the prettiest or the most perfect. Like these cupcakes, they might just be a gooey, sticky, sugary mess.  


Suzanne said...

These. These are the ones.

Julie said...

you had me at "chocolate caramel crunchie disk"

Charlie said...

recipe please god the recipe