Saturday, April 25, 2009

Case Study 15: "The S&C Dream"

The Philadelphia heat is rising. All I could dream of doing is passing the day in the park with a cold drink, excellent people watching, and the farmers' market on the square. Picking up some strawberries, on the walk home I'd see the kids running home, where their mothers wait on stoops with open doors and the promise of that night's dinner beckoning them in. As the sunset air starts to whirl around, I'd run off to grab a drink at a restaurant with its bay windows open to the city on a warm night.

"The S&C Dream" is spring whimsy in a fluffy strawberry cupcake. Sugar crystals and nonpareils (what dreams are made of, of course) float atop a whipped strawberry buttercream. Light, sweet, and oh so fanciful.

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